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The Awards

The CBMA “Crushie” trophies were designed and manufactured by the same NYC designer awards firm that creates the prestigious Emmy Award and MTV’s “Moon Man” statue. The Crushie award is sculptured to depict a heavily–tattooed arm crushing a beer can to symbolically represent how breweries are “crushing it” with their unique and creative beer marketing and branding.

Individuals involved in the production and or creation of winning works can purchase their personalized trophies in our CBMA Award Shop that will launch right after the winners are announced. Winners will be notified by email of their win outside of the official ceremony, along with further instructions to order.

The CBMAs are committed to celebrating the pinnacle of marketing success in the brewing industry, and are excited to evolve our 2021 awards competition to spotlight and showcase the best in the business across the globe.

We saw amazing work submitted in our inaugural year and look forward to seeing what the world is ready to show off in 2021!

Oct 1-Nov 7, 2020


Nov 8, 2020-Jan 29, 2021


Feb 8-March 6, 2021


W/C March 29, 2021

WINNERS ANNOUNCED @ CBC event (TBD) and live stream

The Crushies

PLATINUM CRUSHIE The Platinum Crushie is the CBMAS most prestigious nomination within a regional category. Only one (1), the highest achieved ranking from each category in each region will receive Platinum. To award a 2021 CBMAS Platinum Crushie, the judges panel will be seeking entries that demonstrate marketing and branding excellence, and exceed the defined category objectives by using strategy, creativity, and overall innovation.
GOLD CRUSHIE The 2021 CBMAS Gold Crushie marks the beginning of what will become a long tradition of prestigious recognition and merit for brewery marketing. The 2021 CBMAS will award, up to five (5) Gold Crushie awards per category. To award a 2021 CBMAS Gold Crushie, the judges panel will be seeking entries that meet or exceed the defined category objectives by using strategy, creativity, and innovative production techniques to achieve a perceived, higher level of uniqueness.
ONYX: GLOBAL CRUSHIE The 2021 CBMAS Onyx Global Crushie is the most–elusive of all the awards because it symbolizes the best in the world. Entrants who select to be involved in the global pool in select categories are eligible to win an Onyx Crushie. The CBMAS Onyx Global Crushie is electroplated with a gorgeous onyx finish. CBMAS reserve the right to adjust the amount of Crushies awarded per category based on number of entries.